The most important three things that you can do, when using your PC or laptop, are to Backup Backup & Backup. This counts for both personal and business files. Since the beginning of this year I personally have managed to recover crucial business files from dead PCs for two businesses and unfortunately one other company lost everything. And in the last two weeks I have saved a lifetime of family photos and third level students entire college work. Why did I have to do this? Because no one had a good backup in place. In fact most had no attempt of a back up at all.

Good backup procedure would suggest that you create a backup of your important files every day, every week, and at the end of the month. This should mean that you can recover your files at the end of the month if something either goes wrong or is missing. There’s also one additional backup which is very important. And that is your off location back up. This would traditionally be taken home or to a different location to recover data in case of a fire or some other disaster that would destroy the tapes or hard drives too.

This is where UWN come in. Squirrel Backups automates the off location backup procedure. You just install the software and select which files and directories you want to backup. Let Squirrel Backup does the rest. It is a very simple process that is installed and managed by yourself. UWN cannot say what is of value to you and what is not. That is why it is a very simple process that you control. If you want to backup a file or a directory the just select it. If you do not wish to backup any particular file or directory, then don’t select it.

Then what is Squirrel docs? This includes all of your squirrel back ups and then an online storage capacity. Backups are for a rainy day when things aren’t working right for you. It might be a corrupted file, or a dodgy Drive, or even if your laptop is stolen. All your critical files, that have previously been selected by you as important, can now be recovered. What squirrel docs does is allow you to have drive storage in the cloud. You can put all the files that you are working on, or need easy access to, and have them ask your fingertips. You can access from any of your devices. Your desktop, your laptop, your tablets etc. You can then share these files with other Squirrel docs users, if you wish. Share important files or photos with others in your organization or friends and family. Perfect for large files that cannot be emailed. And as Squirrel Docs starts with a 500GB capacity, it’s able to handle almost anything. We do single Squirrel Docs drives for individuals and businesses. Or we do shared Squirrel Docs for organisations who would require this. Please ask for any information that you require.