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If you are not thinking of doing your website now, then I’m sure you will remember all the hassle, and expense, when you were doing it. It can be a headache that you don’t want to have revisit very often. Not just because of the hard work involved in it, but the amount of money that you can part with. Particularly if you are a startup business and that is the one thing that you are very short of. Money.

From dealing with small businesses, sole traders and non profits over the years, we know exactly what they require for their budget and that is value. They also like to spread out payments without the hassle of the financial institutions. That way way freeing up money for the more important runnings of the business. We had to start somewhere too, and cash was always tight.

Earlier this year, after talking to a number of our clients about the issues that they had and the up and coming spends that they needed to make, we realised that most of them would skip a good professional looking website for a cheap dated one if it would save them a couple of quid. As we would provide hosting services for web and email for other clients, then we already had the basis of what has turned in to Site To Let.

Site To Let is a service that allows a client to have a professional looking website, with high end stock photos, for a small ongoing monthly fee. Once the initial website has been setup, by us for you, we hand over the control to you and you can start making changes or updates through a very simplified content management system.

We send you a simple form to fill in with your details and we upload it all to a professional template that you choose from. These templates are created to reflect the most up to date HTML5 and CSS3 functionality. Theses sites are also responsive and automatically change the way they display according to whatever device the website is being displayed on e.g. Phone, Tablet, Laptop etc.

This service is only new and already there is a huge interest. If you would like to find out more information about this then please contact us.

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