Squirrel Docs

Have you Squirrelled your Docs yet?

We are a nation of hoarders. Irish people hoard more than their fair share. Believe it or not men hoard more than women. As more and more of our prized possessions are now in the digital world, this means we rely much more upon our computers than we ever did. If we are a business, amateur photographer or music collector our files are getting bigger and our storage requirements are growing too.

The three most important things you can do on your computer are Backup, Backup and Backup. Traditionally this was done through a series of manual exchanges of tape and removal of backups daily from the backup location. This would be just in case there is a disaster of some sort in the entire server/PC room. For example a fire. So that is why somebody would take the backups to a separate location.

Nowadays this tends to be performed by hard drives or flash drives through a series of daily, weekly and monthly backups which can be saved in different off site locations. However this is still a tedious operation and requires a lot of hands on interaction. Why not remove the need to manually relocate these backups and go for an automated solution.

Good practice would deem that you should still have a number of backups. One at hand and a second in an offsite location. Cloud backups have become very popular over the last couple of years of years. However these options can be very expensive. That is why we have created the squirrel docs backup options for our clients.

Squirrel Docs is actually two separate products that work great together. The first, Squirrel Backups, is an automated backup of whatever files and folders you have determined. As long as there is a working broadband connection the selected files will keep backing up to your private and secure cloud based Squirrel Docs account.

The second option is Squirrel Drive. This allows you to have a local folder on your PC that you can have in any location that you have a PC in. It follows you around from machine to machine. This also allows you to share very large files with other Squirrel Drive users.

Why not contact us and we will be more than happy to provide you with any information that you require.

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