World Backup Day

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Well hello everyone. Yes I know I know. There is a day for everything now. Between yesterday, today and tomorrow these celebrations of note, believe it or not, were Lemon Chiffon Cake Day, Niagara Fall Runs Dry Day, Pencil Day & Bunsen Burner Day.  And one to note is of course World Party Day this Friday.  But the whole reason that I am typing away to you here and now is that the 31st of March has been designated as World Backup Day. This date is deliberately chosen as the following day is April Fools Day. With the slogan, “Don’t be an April fool, Backup”.

This is a very important message for all to take head. Everybody has great intentions. But sometimes it just slips our mind or it’s a bit awkward. And then BANG. You have no access to your drive or your laptop has been stolen. So how do you access your very important presentation that the meeting tomorrow is hinging on. Or you digitised all of your family albums along with all of your children’s photos. All gone. Forever.

If this has not happened to you then I can guarantee that it has happened to someone you know. Not having a decent backup plan in place  can be disastrous. Not having any backups in place is just absolutely foolish, to be polite. Have a look at the few simple stats below.

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Data Loss Statistics
6% of all computers will suffer from some data loss in any given year.
30% of people never backup.
40% of businesses that suffer a major data loss go out of business within a year.
1 in 10 people will have their laptops stolen.
44% of all dataloss is through hardware failure.