Corner Shop Gym is a fan of Squirrel Backups

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Yes it’s true. UWN is being talked about and by none other than Corner Shop Gym. They set up a Squirrel Backup service with us over a year ago and this has helped them recover from disaster not just the once but now twice. Ewan (the UWN robot) loves to hear these stories and is very happy to have been of assistance to Susan on this occasion, in fact on both occasions.

That is why we are delighted to offer all friends and clients of Corner Shop Gym a promotional offer of three FREE months if they sign up for a Squirrel Backup plan. Unfortunately we are updating the Coupon engine and cannot give you the Promo Code here and now. However, if you express an interest now in this with the form below, we will give everyone three months free (normally a two month max).

And just to offer everyone a very simple piece of advice. The three most important things that everyone should do if they own a computer. Backup, backup and backup.

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