Apple release iPhone big and iPhone bigger

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Apple have done it again. They have released the latest incarnation of the iPhone, which is now the industry standard. All other phones need to check themselves against the iPhone and how their own device matches up to it. They are not the market leaders for nothing.

2007 saw the the introduction of the iPhone and this indeed was an absolute game changer. Although the first so called smart phone was the IBM Simon in 1992. Many people believe it was the Palm phones that were the real first in the smart phone arena. However, I would say that it could be the Blackberry. It dominated the business market for a number of years after the release of the iPhone. It became a very powerful device with a whole backend of people and hardware was required to run this device for businesses. This was ultimately its downfall and because the iPhone was becoming business friendly with a much simpler approach, the Blackberry’s days were numbers as the the kingpin of business smartphones.

There are such a variety of different smart phones now that the choice is mind boggling. So much so that there is a big business in the comparison of these alone. And depending on your requirements you can get a smartphone for free  or pay right up to £10,000,000 (€12,550,000), if you have that sort of cash lying around.

Regardless of what your individual phone choise is or whether it is used for Business or Angry Birds, the smart phone is here to stay. And although you should never say never, it looks like the iPhone will be the top of the heap for a long time to come. And to think it all started only seven years ago.

For a more detailed review of the actual iPhone 6 release the here is where you need to go.

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