Squirrel Home Solo


  • Sync files online and across all your computers
  • Work on the same files on your PC and Mac
  • Share files easily and access everything from the web
  • 2TB of cloud storage space as standard
  • Faster, more secure and more feature rich than competing products


Up to 30 versions of any file

Cloud Backup keeps the past 30 versions of your files, so that you can revert back to them at any time. Overwritten an important document? Edited a photo and wish you hadn’t? No problem because with Cloud Backup you can go back to previous versions with just a few clicks.

Easily restore files

Download your files at any time from the web or restore files easily using our powerful downloadable restore app.

Keeps copies of deleted files

If you delete files by mistake then you can easily restore them using Cloud Backup. Unlike competing products that remove deleted files from your backup, Cloud Backup keeps all deleted files for 30 days so you can easily restore them if you need to.

100% secure

Your backups are private and secure. Cloud Backup uses military grade encryption, and your files reside in our state-of-the-art data centres.

Access it all from the web

You can access your backed up files from the web, iPhone and iPad from any computer with an Internet connection. (link to iPhone page and web portal page). You can even view your photos online plus stream music and video to your iPhone and iPad.

Works on Windows and Mac

Whether you’ve got a PC or Mac – or one of each – Cloud Backup works in exactly the same way.